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Hope Lives in Hohenwald - Preview Trailer

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To share this life-saving film with millions of people addicted to drugs and alcohol  
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Watch the film and share it with any and everyone you want
Show it at your church, jail, or prison ministry, share it with friends or a loved one in addiction, recovery centers, youth retreats, civic organizations, etc.
Film Licenses and permissions are not necessary. You may freely show the film to your church,  community, friends,  family, or organization an unlimited number of times per year.

Fox 59 Indianapolis Story


In Hohenwald, TN drug issues ran rampant.  Out of options, the legal system turned to the local Church for help.  Twelve churches of different denominations then created a coalition to save their city.  This is the story of how a community of believers stepped up to fight and is winning the war on drugs and drawing many to Jesus Christ!